ABOUT Who we are
What is Tuscanery
Tuscanery is a team of passionate people, in love with their land, that with their experience and know how managed to put together the competences to produce a brand of high quality pasta sauces, typical of different area around Tuscany, to pair with the right kind of pasta.

Thanks to passion and hard work, Tuscanery also developed a network of small local élite producers to build a complete offer of everything means taste and tradition in Tuscany, continuously looking for new and better products and producers.
Why Tuscanery
Tuscan food and wine products are the highest expression of our terroir. People who visit Tuscany are impressed with the bonds that here tie culture and culinary traditions.

Tuscanery brings directly to your door the reminiscence of Tuscan smells and taste that you brought home once your visit ended.
Tuscanery Culture
Tuscan cuisine is an art made of food culture, great ingredients and tradition. It is original, authentic and almost impossible to replicate out of context.

This is the reason why Tuscanery was born: to provide Tuscan original recipes, products and food artistry to everyone around the world, no matter where you are.
What we do
Through Tuscanery you can have directly to your door a true Tuscan meal made by the best ingredients.

Explore our Menu and choose the meal kit that best suits your taste, take a look at our suggestions to pair it with other Tuscan products and make your order. We will ship within the week and you will enjoy your Tuscan meal at home in no time